My Helicopters

Details of the helicopters I have owned over the years, with pictures and some video's.

Century Airwolf

Bailey's first helicopter

 Bailey hovering the heli before it was sold to buy the Blade MCX.

Eflight Blade MCX

Bailey's second helicopter

Blade MCX

 Bailey hovering in the kitchen (first every fly with it).

Walkera 4#3

Ebay Bargain

Walkera 4#3

Walkera 4G3

Another Ebay Bargain

Walkera 4G3

Esky Honey Bee

My First helicopter.
I spent hours at home just trying to get this heli to hover, eventually I managed it, what a feeling!. I flew it outside a few times on very calm days, but with it only being a very light 4 channel heli, used to end up coming home with bits broken . I finally sold it and built the Belt CP.

Esky Honey Bee Esky Honey Bee


FREE helicopter

I won this helicopter in the raffle at the RCHA World Record attempt at Eagle RC Heli Club in September 2010. Finally got around to building it and getting the electronics sorted out, went down the cheap route and got it flying for less than £30, Bargain!!

Trex 250

Always fancied one!.
Bought from one of the club members. Had loads of fun with it until I finally had to sell it to help fund the MD500D scale project .

Trex 250

Esky Belt CP

My first 6 channel helicopter.
I built this from loads of spares over a few months and had every CNC an carbon upgrade fitted. It was much easier to hover and fly around than the 4 channel Honey Bee and gave me loads of confidence. The only problem was that when it did crash, I found that the CNC head was very fragile.

Esky Belt CP Esky Belt CP Esky Belt CP

Century GL450SE

My second 6 channel helicopter.

 Hovering the GL450Se in the back garden.

Century Kestral SE

My first nitro helicopter.
It looked so good in the shop with it's metal carry case, carbon frame and metal swash, I bought it. It even came with all the gear to get her flying. Once I had this heli flying I found out that the engine was very unpredictable (I think it was a car engine rather than a heli engine) and the gyro was very poor. I tried to fly it for a couple of months before getting rid and buying the Century Raven.

Century Kestral SE

Century Raven 30

My first proper nitro helicopter

Raven 30 before it was upgraded and converted to 2-4GHz Raven 30 with the GL450SE Raven 30 with my gran daughter

MD530E Raptor 50 Titan mechanics

My first scale helicopter.
I have now sold this fuselage, but kept the heli.

Raptor 50 Titan fitted into a MD530E fuselage MD530E with the GL450SE Raptor 50 Titan out of fuselage

Fun-key Bell 222 Raptor 50 Titan SE mechanics

My first new helicopter scale kit.
The Raptor 50 Titan SE was bought specifically for the Fun-Key Bell 222 fuselage, with fully working retracts and lights. I spent a few months flying it to make sure everything was fine before fitting it into the fuselage. I didn't like the way the retracts worked (they were too fast) so I bought a retract slower to make it look more realistic. It now flies lovely and looks great in the sky. (Fuselage now sold)

Bell 222 with MD530E and Raptor 60 Bell 222 with Raptor 50 Titan Bell 222 at the RCHA Flyin 2011 Bell 222 at the RCHA Flyin 2011

 A quick hover to test the retracts were working fine, was a bit too windy though.

Fun-key MD500D Trex 600ESP mechanics

My third scale heli. Bought as a unpainted kit, I have spent many hours getting it right, (see build page). Now converted to electric, which caused quite a lot of problems as the fuselage was designed for a nitro helicopter, not an electric helicopter. Now flying ok and I am awaiting the 5 blade scale head to come back into stock so I can get one ordered.

The NEW Funkey MD500D fuselage The NEW Funkey MD500D fuselage The NEW Funkey MD500D fuselage

Raptor 60

My first big helicopter This was bought from one of the guy's from my club who had had enough with it trying to get it to fly properly. I stripped it all down and rebuilt it, only to find out that who ever built it had left of a few washers from the head, causing the blades to be slightly loose. Once it was rebuilt and set-up again it flew great. I sold it after a few months and got enough for it to pay for the Trex 700LE kit .

Raptor 60 Raptor 60 Bell 222 with raptor 50 and Raptor 60

Ely-Q Vision 90 Competition

I bought this as an airframe. I have now got all the electronics fitted and have test flown it, it flies lovely.
I am planning on converting it to Flybarless very soon.
Well, got it converted to flybarless and flew great on the first flight. Second flight wasn't as good as somehow it lost the signal from the tx (while inverted ) and hit the ground.Luckilly there wasn't too much damage, even the blades survived!
Heli has now been sold

Align Trex 700LE

My first big 3D helicopter kit I bought this kit with the proceeds of the sale of the raptor 60, all I needed was the engine and a throttle servo. I spent three full days carefully building it and setting it up. The day came for the first test flight, but I chickened out after seeing it spinning up in front on me in the garden, it looked huge. I finally got her airbourne at the flying filed that weekend and have never looked back . This heli is now the pride of my fleet and was treated to a better looking canopy for Xmas.

First picture before test flight Trex 700 with my new Grafiti Canomod canopy Trex 700 FBL with my new MD500 Close up of custom canopy

Fitted with a Trex 700 V2 canopy, spayed by Yorky's Kustom Paint

 Me using the Trex 700 at the RCHA World Record attempt, September 2010.
(I'm the one to the right of the guy in the red coat on the left of the field.).

I also used it to brake the current record in July 2011, then again in August 2012. .

I have now converted the Trex 700 to flybarless using the BeastX system.

My latest update to the 700 is to convert it to an 800 using the Align stretch kit. I have also reduce the head speed dramatically to stop it burning the clutch and now has NHP 800 blades.

Super Ava 1000

Custom built helicopter by Full Pitch RC Helicopters After meeting Haydn (owner of Full Pitch) at the 2012 RCHA World Record attempt at Eagle RC heli Club I made it my ambition to own my own. In early 2013 I contacted him about buying the Wolf 800, as I thought the Super Ava 1000 would be well out of my reach!, but after a long chat, I decided to go straight for the big one .

First picture before test flight Close up of custom canopy

Bert kammerer with the SuperAva 1000 Bert kammerer with the SuperAva 1000 Bert kammerer with the SuperAva 1000 Bert kammerer with the SuperAva 1000 Bert kammerer with the SuperAva 1000

Fitted with a modified Trex 700 V2 canopy, spayed by Yorky's Kustom Paint
I was lucky enough to have Bert Kammerer fly my heli at Weston Park Air Helifest after Haydn's demo model had a few issues and I was asked to step in and save the day.
Bert kammerer flying MY SuperAva 1000 at the Weston Park Air Helifest 2013